I want to be frank to Frank

Frank, who before our eyes has risen in rank, Frank who has made the rest a mediocrity prank, It is Frank who they called "a fitness trainer"

It is Frank who they labelled a "P.E explainer"

It is Frank.... Now the truth is Plainer, Frankly you Frank, are the best Trainer.

I must be frank to Frank,
For our players improvement you I thank,

You whose experience upon they bank

You whose unbeaten record has left them blank, It`s you Frank who fearlessly forces them in the trunk And though they complain, of excuses they are drank Pitifully drunk, and of mediocrity stunk.
And for this Frank, Frankly you I thank.

The ball rolls on the grass,
The feet fit; display their class,
Caressing the ball, tenderly touching its side, Sidestepping the ball, slyly stopping its slide, Looping and wowing with mesmeric crosses,

Circumnavigating it at angles that ooze of practice doses, You Coach, teach this marvelous magic, And we amazed, muse over how your tactics are mesmeric; Tactics sharpened by experience; Tactics approved after resilience; Tactics based on knowledge, loud-mouths to silence, Tactics backed by European Pro License, And for this Frank, Frankly You I thank.

Frank, allow me to retrace your rise lace by lace, Frankly burdened by pleasure, I will move from phase to phase, Our leisure will meet their displeasure face to face, Our leisure whose measure to them results in a seizure, A seizure whose mixture showcases their displeasure, A Displeasure whose treasure to us is a fond fixture, A Fixture whose rapture displays our future.

The Coaches complain, their players can't explain, Their fans you drain, and sponsors duress is plain.
Your unbeaten run Frank, has left them at the lowest rung.

They who blamed our wins on "boardroom decisions"
They who explained our wins as "referee's biased decision"
Course changed and it turned to "fans intimidation"
Gor wuon timbe marches on under direction, A direction instilled with determination A determination geared towards Perfection, A perfection pursued with affection, Frankly, frankly I applaud your dedication.

Coach let them talk, we will walk our talk, Let them stalk, we will move till they sulk, For in You Gor found the best, Your record has withstood the test, Your tact stands above the rest, And trust me you, this is not a jest, Frank, frankly speaking you are the BEST.


Collins Okoth

Francis Kahata

Amos Nondi

Ernest Wendo

Antony Mbugua

Innocent Wafula

Baron Oketch

Godfrey Walusimbi

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