Kagere wonder-goal against Nakuru Allstars a year later

On the week it was announced that the legendary Danni Sserunkuma was on his way back to k’Ogalo, something spectacular happened at Gor Mahia. And it had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with the little magician from Uganda. This time it was a Rwandan. Meddie Kagere scored what would probably go into history as the best goal ever in the Kenyan Premier League. 

In the 75th minute Gor Mahia put a 4th goal past a hapless Nakuru Allstars in Nairobi’s Nyayo stadium. Forget the score-line. Focus on the goal.  Precisely artistic! Exactly what fans buy tickets to watch. Splendid does not even begin to describe it. 

Meddie Kagere profited from a poor Teddy Simwa back-pass to Allstars goalie Shayne Indimuli. The Ksh.3M rated Rwandan – as calm as a top striker can get with attention riveted intact to the ball – outpaced the approaching goalkeeper, got to the ball first, his right foot on the moving ball, did a cheeky flick with the inside of his left foot totally displacing the ball from the now-bottoms-down goalkeeper and effortlessly slotted it into the invitingly empty net. 

The move was flawless. Seamless. The fluidity that comes with opera performance. Ballet dancers have to practice that for weeks on end even to get close. The Nakuru Allstars defender who followed the ball into the net was merely justifying his pay slip. Couldn’t do much! 

It summed up target of the vision, speed of thought, deftness of touch and clinical finishing that Meddie Kagere brought to Gor Mahia for a year. Problem is, this goal was coming in May – only 12 matches into the flair of what would be a memorable 2015. When you witness such a spectacular goal this early, what more is left in the season? Only May. The 17th of May! 

It was against a bottom placed Nakuru All Stars, yes. But how many strikers get such dream-come-true goals even against the weakest of opponents? Dennis Bergkamp against Newcastle in 2002 may be the only comparison.

You look at that goal, what exactly is going through Meddie’s mind as he spins on top of that ball and swirls around the goalkeeper and you think even if he doesn’t score, he’s given enough entertainment. But then he scores. Poetry in motion. Art at its best! Mozart would like this. Impeccable from every angle!

This goal was further heralded by the fact that Shayne Indimuli, this goalkeeper, had moments earlier in the game been at his all-time best. Some goalkeepers only train for a Gor Mahia match. His annoying time-wasting theatrics nerved k’Ogalo fans in the first half; saving the unsavables, feigning injuries even on off-the-ball situations and taking minutes off the clock by staying on the floor and rolling with each save. 

But alas! Here was Meddie Kagere now wiping the floor with the erstwhile Commando of a goalkeeper Shayne Indimuli. A man who only moments ago in the first half the Governor of Nakuru would have knighted Lord.  

Whoever described football as the beautiful game must have had this move, this exact move, in mind. We all agree. That is what Ksh.3M gives you. Such world class goals! 




Collins Okoth

Francis Kahata

Amos Nondi

Ernest Wendo

Antony Mbugua

Innocent Wafula

Baron Oketch

Godfrey Walusimbi

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