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We must be S-U-P-P-O-R-T-I-V-E.

We delivered over the weekend. Was it pretty?  Was it nerve racking? Was it Gor Mahia? YES!

It had elements of what we are and what we could be, those elements that continue to puzzle us all.

It’s not easy being a Gor Mahia supporter

It provides its fair share of pain and much joy. Of course we want the Club to win every game, every player to place pin point passes, make every shot on target and every decision to be spot on.

And the Croat must be perfect!

If that were the case the game would be boring. It would lack drama. It would lack losing and lack pain. Lack everything there is about football and sport.

In just over a fortnight ago, the team rode on hard luck against visiting Seychelles side – Anse Re-Union. We dominated the play. We possessed the ball and we created chances on goal. YES, but we did not score.

Our recent poor form on the continental stage looked hell bent, bound to haunt us again. The task ahead was always going to be tough, playing to qualify in foreign turf. But the team changed it all. When was the last time we hit the back of the net 5 times without reply, away from home?

So for the second time this year we will hear the CAF anthem and a play a new logo – Egypt’s ENPPI. I got to love the ways of the CAF Confederations cup.

There is a reason I’m sitting behind this computer. I support the Club regardless of the outcome. I’m a supporter through and through.  Yes, I may question decisions and performances, but what good does that really do when I cannot be positive about the next game.

It may make me feel better and I guess it could be a form of therapy for you or me. But you see I like to be positive. We all want the same, right? We want the Club to win; we want trophies in our cabinet. It’ll come. Just be supportive.

Bring on ENNPI.

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