CRB vows to stop K’Ogalo dream to CAF CL Group Stage

By the end of the Boxing day – Saturday, in the early evening (8:45 p.m.) at the July 5 Stadium in Algiers, in the first leg of the second round of the African Champions League, CRB minds are clear, to ensure they clear the passage to the next CAF CL group stage even before the second leg scheduled for January 5th in Nairobi.

But such assurance is always something K’Ogalo love to hear. The mighty K’Ogalo are always unpredictable due to the fact that they are never scared in such matters.

As the Chabab wants to refuel during this first round. As they argued, “the first-round was postponed for a few days after the Kenyans argued that they had not found a flight to Algiers on the date initially set”.

CRB players and managers are ready to the battle with this Undisputed Kenyan Champions even though not amused by the way CAF handled the issue, explaining that they did all arrangements for the visitors to arrive on time for the game which was to be played on Wednesday 23th December 2020.

But CRD Sports Director Tewfik Korichi termed the postponement as a blessing in disguise siting that the team also needed some more breathing time after their last match against NAHD where they won 2-0.

“The team needed a little breathing room and this postponement came at the right time, so to speak,” Korochi said adding that the postponement allowed some of their key player injured return to training on time.

CRB head coach have his own idea of the content of this team after having had the opportunity to watch the last two matches of this team against the Rwandans of the APR.

“It’s a very homogeneous team in all its compartments. She plays a simple game and above all she is at the top physically “said Dumas who also stressed that his players also know what they have to do with this team.

“My players know they have to be vigilant behind and not take goals to give the Kenyans hope in the second leg” Dimas concluded.

K’Ogalo on the other hand had limited time to feel the pitch as they arrived a few hours to the prestigious African tournament with a huge price tag on whoever reach the Group Stage.

The team Head Coach Sammy Omollo believes it is possible to turn around the table on the bad luck always faced in North Africa Countries.
“Yes, Algerian teams have been challenging for us, but nothing is impossible, we can get past them.” Omollo said.

“If we manage to stick to our game plan, I am optimistic we will get at least a draw away. Yes, we are going for a win but a draw will not be bad. Then when we come home we finish the job by winning”, He added.

Pulling a draw in Algeria will be an uphill task for K’Ogalo but possible as it had happened before in old sweet days which Esperance can attest to. The team will be comfortable with no home fans present, an environment that can enable them to have more concentration as fans’ hostility always witnessed on the Nothern side of Africa.

The match kick-off is 10:45 pm Kenya time (8.45pm Algerian time)

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