Evolution of choir masters at Gor Mahia

Passion in Gor Mahia comes with great responsibilities. Followers don’t spare any little creative space they get to support their team.

All over the world, soccer has been an instrument of unity, passion – coupled with emotions from different perspectives.

Winners celebrate, losers cry and any draw brings different reactions depending on which team is considered superior.

Supporting a team vary from one fan-base to another. Instruments used are different and the type of songs depend on the region a team comes from.

In Kenya, we have seen such forms in three different teams. From Sofapaka to AFC Leopards, but the determination of one fan-base in the region surpasses the rest – Gor Mahia FC, a club that has transformed the way we view football in Kenya.

Back in the days, Apingo Nyawawa and Okello McKochuodho would lead followers to songs that are still alive today.

The 2010 generation produced another exciting team led by San Bishop, Cliff Nyakwar Dani and Toby Suba. They would lead a none-stop rhythm of K’Ogalo renditions.

Bonte Ochieng’ later became the best choir master together with George Haggai ‘Daktari’ for a good time till a new generation of choir master emerged.

But resilient Toby Suba has never given up, he has recruited a new team and kept the K’Ogalo choir fire burning.

His team comprises of two lead personalities – Taya Dok and the drum beater – Ogusu Jabul, as he is well known amongst the fans.

They do not relent to any pressure, whether the blue or green teams are playing.

Ogusu Jabul’s skills on the drum can be compared with, Mmam the drummer in Elechi Amadi’s book – The Concubine, but with contrast character from the hot-tempered man. Ogusu might have borrowed his drumming technique from a popular church – Nomiya Church of Gospel or Roho Msalaba because his rhythms resonates those temple’s pattern of drum sounds.

As wuod Suba and Taya Dok lead the choir, a catalytic sound from Jaro Soja makes it louder to reach the opposite end and echoes in the whole stadium.

The last whistle of the match never stop them but take it to the last phase of their program. A phase that takes a long distance.

It becomes a celebration activity when K’Ogalo win any game. A phase you would see choir team sing from match venue to town centers in any city Gor Mahia play in.

As K’Ogolao followers cross to next season, remember the choir will always entertain and motivate the team. Keep on singing, keep on following the great Green Army!

~K’Ogalo talk~

By Jared Nyanjom.

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