Gor to appeal IDDC ruling.

The Independent Disputes and Disciplinary Committee’s ruling to have Gor Mahia play one home match behind closed doors as punishment; following fans trouble in the derby match against perennial rivals Afc Leopards in May will face official protest from the club.

According to club Secretary General George Bwana, the IDDC ruling is unfair to Gor Mahia and an appeal will be tabled to Football Kenya Federation seeking for a revoke.

“We are not going to serve the empty stadium ban as ruled by IDDC. Gor Mahia was not the home team during the derby match and providing match security was not our duty but that of the home team,” narrated an aggrieved Bwana.

“We cannot understand why the ruling to punish is touching on us yet it is the same committee that solely punished Gor Mahia last year after similar troubles occurred in our home match against AFC. We took up the matter with the authorities and had it resolved while our opponents were busy pushing for more punishment against us.

“We find the ruling unfair and will this duly submit an appeal to the federation to have Gor Mahia exempted from the punishment.”

Bwana also called upon FKF to assume the full responsibility of providing match day security since that is a task the clubs cannot handle effectively.

“Provision of security during matches is a task the federation should fully own up since we as clubs can only offer as much. Let the task be taken up by the federation and the concerned authorities since it is actually a matter of citizen’s security.

“Clubs only employ security stewards and providing the required extensive security becomes a challenge. I call upon the federation to relook into the matter as this will help cast away the ugly recurrent scenes from our stadia.” added Bwana.

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