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Gor Mahia FC | Gor Mahia FC

Gor Mahia FC

Gor Mahia is a football club based in Nairobi, Kenya. It is the most popular Kenyan football club. Gor Mahia has won the Kenyan football league 16 times and the Kenyan cup eight times. Gor Mahia is the only Kenyan club to win an African continental title, it won the African Cup Winners' Cup in 1987. The club was formed in 1968 when Luo United and Luo Sports Club (aka Luo Stars) football clubs merged. One of its founder was politician Tom Mboya. The club traditionally represents the Luo tribe. The home ground of the club is Nairobi City Stadium. Gor Mahia as a football club is steeped in Luo legends and mythology. Gor Mahia was a Luo hero who was known to possess mystical powers which would make him perform. Mahia is a Luo word which describes wonder and mystery and hence when Gor was formed it was supposed to naturally possess these mystical characteristics of the legend it was named after. Indeed Gor lived to that expectation and even exceeded what many expected. In its most successful years Gor was invincible and some even regarded the club as the best in Africa. Coupled with the undying loyalty of its supporters Gor still has a potency to rise up from the ashes and regain its lost glory as the truly "mighty Gor".

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