Noisy rough neighbors cant march k’Ogalo yet

And the day ended with a humiliating thrash to Ingwe, a convincing 1-2 loss (they were the host) by Gor Mahia FC was enough for Mayienga followers to walk tall once again.

Six consecutive wins against arch rivals since 2016 is just sweet and bitter at the same time. Sweet because the bragging right for k’Ogalo fans is maintained, bitter because k’Ogalo followers are trying to find another better rival to replace Ingwe on the derby slot.

But why is Ingwe so physical in a game of soccer with move match official favor yest they cant deliver. If the last derby encounter is something to place in history book then it will be the game AFC Leopard played with yiest and roughness with less foul statistics, thank to the center ref who to us as k’Ogalo felt favored the home team.

Tuyisenge had to leave the field after sustaining injuries, Guikan fouled uncounted times, Kahata almost lost his legs due to many hard tackle, Mustafa almost got his neck choped and worse was Onyango who was a victim to a very dangerous tackle – a career threatening tackle from Ingwe wrestling team. Jaja Walu almost cried, wondered whether thae soccer game was auto-converted to wrestling competition.

But with beautiful style of k’Ogalo game, they convincingly became victorious, much thanks to Kerr Ziko team on technical bench with zileous players who up to time I write this are the best in continental football.

And to Ingwe fans, kindly deal with your soccer-mates but not Gor Mahia FC. K’Ogalo is tired of having too much training session with you. You are absolutely outclassed and done with.

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