Passion of Gor Mahia fans

If you assume that there nothing passionate about football in Africa, then you might be mistaken to be from a different galaxy. At K’Ogalo, playing and supporting football has principally been the passion of the country’s most successful club.  It comes with a uniquely concentrated characteristics that defines her followers.

The essential accompaniment for these supporters is the vuvuzela. Formerly made out of brass and used to convene village gatherings, the vuvuzela horns, flags, drums, whistles are key ingredients to the green and white branded army as they march, cheer and react to every soccer news on and off the pitch. Songs are sung in unparalleled atmosphere to celebrate the good news or the good news in progress.

The cacophony of sound they make when played by the thousands of fans speak of love of the team while others express glory of a good news – a win.

An adrenalin rush, created by a last minute win always creates an atmosphere of jubilation among the fans with some expressing their happiness in ‘extreme’ ways.

As the football nature dictates, there can be a win, draw and a loss at any given match. However, the pain of losing a match sometimes brings anguish, frustration and disappointments among the fans. Losing a football match is harsh for the passionate fans who believe that a defeat for K’Ogalo is a defeat of one’s life.

If it is love for the club, they have it. Their readiness to support the club for any course unquestionable. They engage emotionally in the team and attend matches through rain or shine just to perform their routine exercise.

For k’Ogalo, no football is complete without the Club Anthem at the beginning and at the end.  The anthem generates an emotionally-charged atmosphere that pulls the opponent and visitors to join in unison.

The aftermath of the game is always amazing. K’Ogalo followers have taken the game notch higher by not just watching the game and traveling back, but also empower locals economically by using services such as accommodation, meals among others.

This is the spirit and code of conduct in which k’Ogalo followers live by. After all, football unites and unity starts with passion from Gor Mahia followers.

Jared Naynjom

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  1. Kogalo has always been the beacon of soccer in Kenya and the East African region. But above all, Kogalo is not just a football club but a real identity for a people and community. The club has not only produced great players but also great leaders. This has endeared the club to the community in a manner that transcends generational, professions, religions, gender and regionalities. Well done K’Ogallo.

  2. What a nice piece of a narration about the great passionate Green Army . Am glad am one of the larger Kogalo fan base.


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