Risk management policy will sort our issues at Gor, Chrispine

“Risk Management Policy will sort out our finacial issues at Gor”, Chrispine.

Gor Mahia FC candidate for the Treasurer position in the coming elections of 8/8/20, Mr. Chrispine Okoth, has laid down his vision for the club. In an elaborative documentary presented to the club members, Chrispine highlighted what he considers as key requirements to be met in order for the club to move to the next level.

“The main policy that we will put in place is Risk Management Policy”, Okoth said in his video address to the K’ogalo faithfuls. “Risk Management Policy will address all the issues that would emanate from our activities as a club, in order to come up with mitigation strategies to manage the risks”, he said.

According to Global Financial Journal, Risk Management Plans are documents that are prepared, about foreseeable risks, estimated impacts, and defined responses.

On the issue of player remuneration, Chrispine was categorical on the need to always budget for, as a priority, and put a side a percentage of funds from sponsorship money as salary.

“Any sponsor that comes in, the first thing that we look at is the salaries of the players, have that money put in a sinking fund to cover salaries. If not 100%, let’s have 75% of the salaries for the year, set aside”, Chrispine said. Similarly, Chrispine suggested that a percentage of money should be set side for medical cover for the players.

As a finance specialist ( PhD Finance, Master in Finance and Bachelor of Commerce in Finance), Chrispine has vast knowledge and experience in Financial Management, having worked in several organizations. Chrispine also teaches finance related courses at the Catholic University of Kenya.

Chrispine is asking for votes from Kogalo faithfuls in order to secure the vacant position of treasurer in the coming elections. He promises to realign the club’s finances to sustainability, and build a K’Ogalo that can be admired by all.

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